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  Showing our Devons

Showing is an important part of our breeding program.  It allows us to get objective input (via judges) to help us work toward the Devon Rex Standard of Perfection.  We are a CFA cattery and show our cats and kittens regularly at CFA shows on the east coast.  We occasionally show in other areas of the country as well.

Please check with us on our show schedule.  If we happen to be in your area, please stop by to say hello and meet us, and our Devons, in person.

(Left and above:  GP Dayclear's Duncan's Rune, now owned by Scott Kessler and being shown in Premier.  Duncan is a real charmer with the judges and a handsome guy.)


People often ask if showing is stressful on the cats.  It can be for some cats, but you would never guess from looking at these little show-stoppers. They are about as relaxed as you can get. 

We've had a wonderful show year, including a Grand Championship for our beautiful girl, Dayclear's Hershey (pictured below).  We are very proud of her!



Grand Champion, GC Northshore Party Favor of Dayclear! ...



And our Grand Champion, Regional Winner, Dayclear Snickers of Northshore, CFA's Best Devon Rex Kitten 2001-2002...




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