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The Dayclear Devons...

Here you will find pictures of some of the Devons that are part of our breeding program.  (Also check our "Shows" page for pictures of more of our cats.)

 We select our cats for type, health and that delightful Devon personality.  We also actively work with hybrids in our program (CFA allowable outcrosses of American/British Shorthair) to broaden the gene pool and increase the health and vigor of our lines. 




GC Dayclear's Hershey as a kitten



Ch. Karmacatz Sparkle Ize of Dayclear




Northshore Bob Logan of Dayclear... a very typey little guy and a future stud cat at Dayclear



Northshore Party Favor of Dayclear




Northshore Ripley of Dayclear




Dayclear Splash of Color with kittens.  Splash is a Devon hybrid.  





Ch. Dayclear Disco Inferno... chocolate patched tabby female





Dayclear Tapestry... Silver Patched Tabby Kitten




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